Six Ways to Conduct More Productive Meetings and Conference Calls

Whether you’re sitting in the same room, meeting on-line, or connecting your team by conference call, you spend a lot of time in meetings.  On any given day, there are 11 million meetings taking place in the U.S. every single day!  BPS Research estimates that $37 billion dollars is lost every day to unproductive work […]


The Impact Guru Mission

 Impact Guru is India’s leading crowdfunding organization. In the three years since the social enterprise was founded by Piyush and Khushboo Jain, it has done spectacular work to help sick people raise funds for expensive medical treatments, creative artists fundraise for their aesthetic projects, as well NGOs and NPOs find donors to garner hefty collections […]

Home Improvement

What to Search for In-Home Cleaning Solutions in London

In our contemporary time’s individuals are hectic with their frantic and also active lives, ranging from the job, to gatherings, to their kids’ football video games, so this is risk-free to state which the last point anybody intends to consider is the challenging activity of needing to cleanse their houses inside out. It is in […]


5 Tech Features That Make Chrysler Pacifica the Ultimate Minivan

Chrysler entered the minivan section of the industry with its Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan in 1984. Six years later it introduced the Chrysler Town & Country model. Over the years this American carmaker has worked relentlessly to improve its grip in the segment amidst stiff competition. In 2015, their market share was above 20 […]


Choosing Crystal Earrings: What You Should Know

Ear piercing has been a popular practice for both aesthetic and ritualistic purposes for millennia. While the reasons these cultures practiced this art vary, what remains the same is that it’s still considered beautiful. Today, we have a wider variety of materials available to choose from for our earrings, but crystals are one of the most […]


A Complete Guide to Anabol Health Supplement

It’s not uncommon that steroids are used by body builders for body building purposes. You’ll come across so many health supplements in the market. However, not all are effective, some don’t deliver results as they promise while some show improvement, but on prolong usage and with some after effects. It’s not a wise idea to […]

Home Decor

How to redesign and rejuvenate your home interior

You should feel nothing less than comfortable in your home. It is the place where you go to find refuge and sanctuary after a long day of work and toil. It is the place in which you entertain friends, family, and others who are special to you. It is important for you to feel pride […]


Travelling to Singapore? What you need to know

Travelling or vacationing in today’s times has undergone a huge transformation as compared to the days of yore. An average tourist has now become more aware, selective and financially astute. From cheap thrills, exotic experiences to historical charm, the modern traveller wants an all-encompassing package from the place he intends to visit. One of the […]


Get the impeccable IVF treatment to gain parenthood to suppress complexity

Personal happiness plays an important role in one’s life and therefore, people want to engage in the nuptial knot. Most of the female beings leave their beloved house and try their best to live their own life with the unknown person. Certainly, there has been lots of change in their life. Her nickname is changed […]