5 Tech Features That Make Chrysler Pacifica the Ultimate Minivan

Chrysler entered the minivan section of the industry with its Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan in 1984. Six years later it introduced the Chrysler Town & Country model. Over the years this American carmaker has worked relentlessly to improve its grip in the segment amidst stiff competition. In 2015, their market share was above 20 percent according to Kelly Blue Book.

In 2017, Chrysler’s Town and Country gave way to the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. According to most critics, it is the most technologically advanced ride in the market so far. Below is a highlight of five tech features that make this car the best minivan sold by Indiana car dealers.

  1. Durability and aerodynamics

The Pacifica is built on an entirely new architecture which makes it 250 pounds lighter than the outgoing Town and Country. The car components are made mostly of high strength aluminum and steel. The Pacifica becomes the first minivan to have Aluminum liftgate and sliding doors. As a result, it offers exceptional durability, occupant protection, and aerodynamics. It also has the best noise canceling technology making it the quietest in the category.

  1. Hybrid Drivetrain

This is the most trending feature of the Pacifica. It comes with a 16-kWh Li-ion battery which can be recharged in 2 hours when plugged into a 240V power supply. A fully-charged battery can deliver up to 30 miles before the engine becomes necessary.

  1. High-end Safety technology

As carmakers shift toward autonomous vehicles, safety becomes the most crucial aspect of the design. The Chrysler Pacifica sets the pace in the minivan category by being the first model to have a parallel and perpendicular parking assist. Other high-end features which are rarely found in this class include; Forward Collision, rear parking assist and lane departure warning with automatic braking systems.

  1. Power controlled seats

All vans require mechanical removal of the second-row seats. The Pacifica takes the lead by employing power controlled seats. They can be stowed away into the floor and back by a simple press of a button. No words can explain how thrilling this system works. Visit car dealers in Indiana for a first-hand feel of this high-end technology.

  1. Family-friendly technology

Chrysler brings a new definition to “family friend” with the Pacifica. It comes with ventilated seats and tri-pane sunroof. It is also the first vehicle in this category to have sliding doors and hands-free rear hatch. You only need to swipe your foot beneath the car to open the doors.

Considering these five features alone leaves the Chrysler Pacifica as the Ultimate minivan in Indiana car dealers’ shops. Not forgetting its high-end stop-start engine technology and powerful engine that delivers a 287 horsepower and a torque of 262 pound-feet