7 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You More Productive

Almost everyone feels they could be more productive. After all, when we read about the likes of Elon Musk’s or Tim Cook’s schedule, we feel as though “why can’t I do that?”

However, that’s the wrong question to ask. Instead, ask yourself what’s one thing you could start with, then roll from there. And luckily for you, I’ve provided seven starting points to take on for being more productive in 2018. Check them out below:

Invest In Yourself

One of the first things you should take into consideration when asking yourself how to increase productivity is how much you invest in yourself. This includes not only time but the amount that you spend on your personal well-being. Believe it or not, setting goals like this can do a world of wonders. For example, let’s say you wanted to buy a new TV, then putting forth the effort to save and make that your mission will only bring about more success. All-in-all, this strategy prevents burnout, as well as gives you a clear direction in which to head.

Go On A Diet

Another excellent strategy to consider if you’re trying to give yourself more energy to be productive is going on a diet. A lot of the dietary decisions you’re making could be bogging you down, leaving you more tired and somewhat stressed. Regarding recommendations, I’d shy away from reading diet reviews and instead just following the guidelines of creating a healthier day-to-day. This includes things like having more fruits and grains in the morning, as well as going light on dinner.

Pick Up A New Hobby

A classic way to up your productivity is by dedicating some time every day or week to a new hobby. Whether it be picking up a new instrument or starting to cook, a new hobby can be the perfect thing to look forward to improving upon. Plus, there are numerous resources out there to get started with, including looking into best online guitar lessons or signing up for a service like Blue Apron. Not only will this new line of thinking help you in your work, but will also give you peace of mind as well.

Start Exercising

Exercise is perhaps one of the best ways to up your focus, which in turn will increase your output at work. According to a study by the University of Nebraska on the mental effects of exercise, findings included an increase in mood, energy, and relieved stress. And whether you decide to pick up biking, hiking, running, or even a sport, getting a little bit of exercise in every day can go a long ways.

Write Down Daily Goals

It’s no secret that even the best of us are still our own worst enemies. We fall behind on deadlines and miss out on promises, which either comes from overextending ourselves or not doing enough. However, one great solution to this is to write down your daily goals. As silly as it sounds, this is a strategy even some of the world’s best still use daily.

In a study conducted on Harvard MBA candidates, the day before graduation everyone was asked if they had written down their goals and how they plan to get there. 84 percent hadn’t written anything down, 13 percent had goals with no concrete solutions, and 3 percent had both goals and solutions. The result? The 13 percent that had their goals in mind ended up making twice as much as those that didn’t, and the 3 percent that had actionable solutions we’re making 10x as much.

Grab yourself a notebook and jot down what your goals are, is it’s going to help tremendously.

Make Time To Meditate

Meditation is perhaps one of the underrated methods to gain a little bit more mental clarity during the workday, and something you should consider picking up on if you’re trying to glide through work. As noted by LifeHack, meditation is known get blood circulating and your concentration up, allowing you to get back to work with much more ease. Try taking a few minutes out of your lunch break to do some deep breathing exercises and see how it feels.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Finally, if there’s one thing that you should make a priority in the new year, it’s spending more time with your friends and family. While it sounds counterintuitive to being productive, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Dedicating this time will remind you of what’s important, as well as why you work so much in the first place. Yes, your loved ones are the people that count and should be what you put first and foremost.

What are some ways you’re going to try to increase your productivity in 2018? Comment with your answers below!