Employers’ Liability Insurance: Do You Need It?

Employers’ liability insurance is one of the only policies that is actually required by law. Understanding whether or not you need it for your business, though, is a bit complex. To decide if you need it, you have to see if anyone working for you is considered to be an “employee” according to the Employers’ […]


Making Your Upcoming Corporate Event Memorable With Some Amazing Live Performances

Times flies by but the memories you create stay with you forever. If you are in the event management committee of your company or have any significant role to play when it comes to event organizing, then make sure you do something that can help your colleagues have a great time out there. In the […]


The Impact Guru Mission

 Impact Guru is India’s leading crowdfunding organization. In the three years since the social enterprise was founded by Piyush and Khushboo Jain, it has done spectacular work to help sick people raise funds for expensive medical treatments, creative artists fundraise for their aesthetic projects, as well NGOs and NPOs find donors to garner hefty collections […]

Home Decor

How to redesign and rejuvenate your home interior

You should feel nothing less than comfortable in your home. It is the place where you go to find refuge and sanctuary after a long day of work and toil. It is the place in which you entertain friends, family, and others who are special to you. It is important for you to feel pride […]


Get the impeccable IVF treatment to gain parenthood to suppress complexity

Personal happiness plays an important role in one’s life and therefore, people want to engage in the nuptial knot. Most of the female beings leave their beloved house and try their best to live their own life with the unknown person. Certainly, there has been lots of change in their life. Her nickname is changed […]


The Advantages of Visiting an Auto Dealership

Tired of searching endlessly for a car online, but don’t know what other options you have? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a new or used vehicle. One such option is doing a little footwork. That’s when it’s time to think about visiting any one of […]

Home Decor

How to Incorporate Nautical Themes Into Your Bedroom

Summer is over, but nautical themes are still quite popular. You can find anchors, ropes, seashells, mermaids, boats, and other marine features in lots of department store offerings and online. When you add maritime details to your place of rest, you may find yourself sailing away to dreamy shores all from the comfort of your […]


An Historic Look at the Recruitment Software Industry

After its turn-of-the-century birth as a cottage industry, the recruitment software industry took fewer than two decades to build to $14 billion worth of online marketplaces for human resource software, services and platforms. Early versions of digital recruitment tools were customized, service-specific platforms, often complex, cumbersome to learn and use, and expensive to build and maintain. Recruiting […]


Learn to cook for yourself and be happy

Cooking is one of the finest and most delicious arts ever. If you can cook, you can win anyone’s heart in an instant because come on who does not love to eat? People spend a large amount of money every day on food especially the people who are living far from their homes alone and […]