Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Even though hair extensions have had a bad reputation, they’ve really come a long way when it comes to technology and quality. Hair extensions are not just for adding body and length. Several people wear them to try out different styles, like highlights and clip-in bangs. But before you take the plunge, there a few rules you need to know about hair extensions.

Consider your lifestyle

Clip-ins are the most popular especially for individuals who are trying extensions for the first time. These extensions can be clipped in or out whenever you want and are very easy to maintain. Tape extensions work well too for beginners, and they generally last for up to eight weeks. The third choice is keratin. Keratin extensions are attached by a process that binds them with keratin attachments and sound activation; they can last for around three months.

Get the right colour match

If your colour is off by even just a shade, then it will be a dead giveaway that you’re sporting fake hair. The most accurate way is to colour match with the ends of your strands, not the roots, and go with the one colour that’s the closest to your natural hair.

Splurge on quality

The cheapest extensions are synthetic ones; however, they are very shiny and can tangle easily which makes them appear unnatural. Non-virgin hair is hair that has been processed—either treated or dyed to alter its texture. Remy Jadore Russian hair extensions are the highest quality and will be the closest to your natural hair, so they’ll hold texture and styles the same way.

Do some maintenance

Your hair extensions require regular washing, just like your natural hair does. You should be washing your clip-in extensions after every six to eight times of wearing them. Wash them in the sink and dry them well with a towel. Make sure that before you wash clip-in extensions that you remove them and gently comb out any tangles.

Apply sulphate free shampoo and conditioner free, and blot them with a towel to get rid of excess water, then air dry them. Use a gentle shampoo, focus mainly on the roots, and condition them only from the mid-length of the hair down. Wait until your hair extensions are almost dry then use heat styling tools if you want, but avoid using them directly on the keratin and tape bonds to protect your extensions. Make sure that you never go to bed with wet hair and ensure that your hair is completely dry before you lay down.

Know when to let go

When people say extensions damage your hair, that’s because they weren’t professionally removed. You have to maintain within the time frames. You can’t take extensions that were meant for six weeks and wear them for three months. Another way to avoid damage is making sure they’re not too heavy.

Extensions should never fall out, and they shouldn’t cause pain either. You shouldn’t be able to feel them at all, but if you do, return to the salon to make sure they’re in correctly. If clip-ins are bothering you, unclip that section and move it over a bit to grab more of your own hair. Clip-ins should be taken out every night to avoid breakage and protect the extensions.