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How to Incorporate Nautical Themes Into Your Bedroom

Summer is over, but nautical themes are still quite popular. You can find anchors, ropes, seashells, mermaids, boats, and other marine features in lots of department store offerings and online. When you add maritime details to your place of rest, you may find yourself sailing away to dreamy shores all from the comfort of your own bedroom. Whether you are more of a pirate than a captain, or a little bit of both, there are many ways to let your seaside character come to life in your bedroom.

One easy way to start is with nautical bedding. Find a lovely bedcover or sheet set with a printed design of anchors and stripes. Add some pillows with classical boat designs or black-and-white seashell illustrations. Or make a quilt out of nautical-themed fabric to add a lovely homemade touch. Whether it is nautical bedding or just a detail in your room, stick with two or three marine colors, such as blue, white, or red.

Beside the bed, you can lay your slippers on a soft, fuzzy rug with geometric blue and white designs, or an anchor to help you stay steady when you start your day. Look around you and you can almost smell the ocean air, rife with scents of fish and salt water. Hang some square shelves along the wall. Place blue or white candles, or maybe even some red for extra color. Place beautiful seashells in clear glass jars and arrange them on the shelves. Take some picture frames decorated with shells and add your favorite photos. Place the frames alongside the seashell jars. Add a few figurines of marine life – a whale here, a mermaid there. Hang up a boat steering wheel above your bed frame.

There are a lot of different ways you can approach having pictures that fit with the theme. You could put up some prints of pictures you or someone else has taken of a beach or a sunset overlooking the water. Or find a nice poster from a classical artist that portrays an ocean scene. Georges Seurat and Claude Monet are two well-known painters of the ocean. Or you can hang up an oar or wooden paddle and then hang pictures from it. Or find artwork with text on it, maybe something that looks like the kind of hand-painted sign you might see at a beach. Or go for a more retro vibe by finding some black and white vintage photographs of the ocean or a beach scene, frame them and put them all together on a side wall.

You can also wrap furniture in nautical rope. Wrap a wastebasket in rope or a mirror. Or tie back your curtains with boat rope. Just do whatever floats your boat and have lots of fun turning your bedroom into your ocean paradise.