Important Things to Know About SR22 Insurance

The “SR” in SR22 Insurance stands for “Safety Responsibility”, and fittingly, it serves as an indication to the state that you meet the minimum requirements for insurance coverage in the event of a driving violation. With an SR22 on file, insurance providers can have the confidence they need in your ability to meet the basic liability standards.

SR22 Insurance Necessity Factors

The necessity of an SR22 depends upon a number of factors. The following are all some of the most common reasons that it will be required:

  • Insurance information falsification
  • Failure to acquiesce to court orders
  • Unauthorized motor vehicle operation while under license suspension
  • An overabundance of unpaid parking tickets
  • Either an involuntary or voluntary manslaughter conviction
  • Driving under the influence 
  • Unmet requirements to provide proof of insurance 

The above are just a few of the numerous potential reasons that the state may require you to have an SR22 on file. In just about all scenarios, having an SR22 will be the only way that you can have a chance at recovering your standard licensure status after committing a violation that greatly damages confidence in your responsibility as a driver.

Time Frame of SR22 Insurance

Though there are many different reasons why an SR22 could be asked of you, the general window of time that you will be legally required to hold an SR22 will be approximately three years; however, the amount of time that is asked of you could very well be longer depending on just what the nature of the offense was. Naturally, those who are repeat offenders will be asked to hold an SR22 for a longer period of time than those who only have one or two violations on their records.

SR22 Insurance Cancellation Consequences

Once you have activated an SR22 policy, it is prudent to be aware of the potential consequences of cancellation. During the duration of time that an SR22 is necessary, canceling your policy can be interpreted by the state as a merit for further penalties. In some circumstances, canceling your SR22 while it is still required can be punishable with complete driver’s license cancellation. Lifting the licensure penalties of early SR22 policy cancellation may not only require a lengthy reinstatement process but also the satisfaction of additional fees.

Managing SR22 Insurance Premiums

Though the SR22 itself may not necessarily cost a fortune, the insurance premium that is attached to it can be relatively challenging for some to manage. In almost all circumstances, SR22 premiums are several times more expensive than the amount that an individual would normally pay for standard insurance rates. 

If you want to ensure that you have the best chance at getting an SR22 that is economically manageable, we can help. At Breathe Easy, we specialize in helping our clients determine what their ideal prospects are for meeting SR22 requirements in a realistic and financially manageable way. If you like to know more about the best way to identify your smartest SR22 options, feel free to get in contact with us for a consultation.