The Impact Guru Mission

 Impact Guru is India’s leading crowdfunding organization. In the three years since the social enterprise was founded by Piyush and Khushboo Jain, it has done spectacular work to help sick people raise funds for expensive medical treatments, creative artists fundraise for their aesthetic projects, as well NGOs and NPOs find donors to garner hefty collections for social change projects of different scales and scopes. Impact Guru has not only made the crowdfunding method accessible and available to those in need of funds for any reason (that is not in conflict with national and international laws), but has done much to popularize crowdfunding and to educate a large segment of the Indian middle-class who have the potential to crowdfund successfully as well as donate to causes they support.

The company’s appearance into the crowdfunding ecosystem of India could not have been more timely. In 2015, when Impact Guru began operations in the country, India was becoming rapidly globalized and glocalized, with rates of internet penetration was soaring, and more people than ever before were choosing to build up social media presences. Parallely, costs of healthcare were on the rise too, which is why numbers of middle-class men and women without enough savings or insurance plans chose to crowdfund for major treatments, such as therapy for cancer, neonatal care, and organ transplant operations. While India has continued to develop in leaps and bounds, problems of poor rural health, malnutrition, the disempowered lives led by many Indian women, and environmental littering persisted. So NGOs began to embrace the idea of crowdfunding to sponsor their projects  across the nation.

Crowdfunding clicks because the process is quick, easy, and free to start with. Campaigners literally need to spend nothing on overheads, as opposed to the initial outlay involved with organizing offline fundraising events. Since the platform vets every campaign they let go live, donors have the assurance that their contributions will be absorbed into genuine, authentic causes that truly need public support. Successful crowdfunding, and this is a belief Impact Guru upholds, harnesses the power of people. Every campaign is as important as the next, and all donations have value, with each chipping in to make some positive change in the lives of people who desperately need uplift into grace and dignity. Impact Guru curates compelling campaign stories and helps send them out into the world with cleverly crafted marketing strategies for maximum campaign visibility as far and wide as possible.

Impact Guru will carry on its altruistic work and serve others from a strong ethical ground. Within this space, Piyush and Khushboo assert that nobody should be allowed to die because they hadn’t enough money to cover treatment costs, and that no person should go hungry, or be without adequate supplies of the essential materials necessary to sustain a humane existence. On this mission, Impact Guru has partnered with or entered into long term relationships with many philanthropists and nonprofits, including GlobalGiving, one of the world’s biggest crowdfunding agencies. True to their name, they will drive impact and brighten lives everywhere they can reach.